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Hi Birgit,

I just wanted to email to say how wonderful your Kransekage wedding cake was, not only did it look just perfect it was also delicious!! Here are some pics I thought you might like to see ūüôā Anna xx

Dear Birgit

The kransekake has arrived and been decorated by the grandchildren.  We are having presents from 4pm and then Christmas dinner at 6.  The kransekake will be in the middle of the table and it would not be a proper Christmas without it.

Thank you so much, and all of you have a lovely time.

Love Engel

Hi Birgit,

As always – the kransekage was a highpoint at the party – thank you so much.¬† The grandchildren decorated with flags all over, so it nearly looked like a hedgehog!!¬† With this wonderful summer weather the party just went on and on – what’s not to like!!

Have a lovely time and let’s hope the weather continues, and thank you again.

Love Engel

Hi Birgit,

I just wanted to say a big thank you for making our wedding Kransekage! It arrived safely wrapped up and was easy to put together when we got to the venue. It was so beautiful that I didn’t use any of the icing flowers I had planned to use to decorate it.

Everyone absolutely loved it! Everyone said how delicious it was, and they were excited to try something a little out of the ordinary.

So thank you so much for being so easy going yet utterly reliable. Let me know if there’s anywhere (Facebook etc) that I can leave you a review to let others know how great you are. ūüôā

Many thanks!


Dear Birgit,

Thank you so much for our stunning wedding cake! It got so many compliments and barely anyone had heard about a kransekake before! It was lovely to have something authentic to my husband’s heritage at our wedding!

Many thanks and best wishes,


Dear Birgit,

How wonderful it was to have the kransekake again Рthank you so much.  My friends for the summer party have begun to expect it and would have been so disappointed had it not been there.  Among my guests was Emma who had them for her party not so very long ago!  They are very special.  The children decorate with flags, and it looked great.

Big thank you, lots of love Engel

Hello Birgit,

In all the hurry and busyness of our party and then going away on holiday I did not manage to email you before to tell you what a great success your kransekage was with all our guests and with ourselves.  It looked and tasted absolutely fabulous.  Many of those guests who had never had it before asked about it and said they loved it while our Danish guests said it was the best they had ever tasted. Praise indeed!!

Thank you again for making such a perfect ending to our celebratory meal.

Kind regards,

Hi Birgit,

Thank you so much for the beautiful Kransekage for my Grandson’s Christening.¬† It was so delicious and disappeared very quickly!



Hi Birgit

The Kransekage was fantastic and my friend said the best tasting one she had had!

Thank you


 Kære Birgit

Kransekagen var rigtig god og et dejligt overraskelse for mine danske gæster.



Hi Birgit

I just wanted to thank you so much for the cake. It not only looked beautiful but tasted wonderful. All the Danish guests said it was the best they’d had. It was a very meaningful addition to the day.¬†

Best wishes,


 Hi Birgit,

My daughter Katrina and I would like to thank you for the beautiful Kransekage.  It was a big hit with all the guests and Katrina had to hide the top ring so there was a piece left for them after the celebrations!

Kind regards,



Firstly, thank you so much for the wonderful Kransekage and Kransekage pieces you made for our wedding February last year! It was all so beautiful and perfect. It was a top hit, many of our guests said, despite not normally being all that keen on marzipan, they thought, they were delicious! It was also very easy to put the cake together. Brilliant!

Would it be possible to make a very small order this year of about 5 long pieces to enjoy, while  we celebrate our wedding anniversary on February 25th.

Best regards,

Kristina Strachan (was Peters-Nielsen)


kransekage birthday cake

Mia’s 40th birthday kransekage cake.


I just wanted to thank you again for the Kransekage. It was delicious! And looked so beautiful too.

Our guests loved it and fortunately the venue saved Brian and I the last couple of rings as I was too busy dancing to notice it had been put out with the supper :)”


“Dear Birgit,

Just to let you know that the Kransekake was a great success at our daughter‚Äôs wedding on 22 Aug ¬†,it looked great and tasted fabulous ,none of the guests had seen one before , we managed to ‚Äúsmuggle‚ÄĚ a couple of rings away ¬†for our own use the next day !! ¬†Our daughter loves the cake

So thanks for all your assistance and for making such a great cake , we had a great day , When we receive the official photographs of the wedding I‚Äôll send you a picture of the cake table , I asked the photographer to take some pictures of it ¬†so hopefully he has done so.”


“Dear Birgit,

I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to write to you, but I just wanted you to¬†have these two pictures of ¬†the wonderful Kransekage that you made for Anjaand Mike’s wedding back in July – it already seems such a long time ago! I¬†think you’ll agree it looked absolutely beautiful and tasted just how¬†kransekage should – lovely, and we had so many compliments.¬†I would like to order some kransekage pieces (st√¶nger) for Christmas time –¬†when should I order them by?”

Alison Ludgrove.

Sarah and Charles Cayzer wedding day

Sarah and Charles Cayzer’s wedding cake


“Dear Birgit

I just wanted to say thank you¬†so much for the delicious kransekage you made for our¬†wedding on 3rd August. It looked lovely and was absolutely delicious.¬†Both Danish and English guests commented on how¬†good it was!”

Rebecca Payne

¬†“Hi Birgit,

You made a lovely Kransekage for my daughter Polly’s wedding a couple of years back. Now my other daughter’s getting married on June 13th 2015 and we’d like one for then. Is that going to be possible?”

Mike Westergaard


¬†I just wanted to send you a quick message to say thank you very much for the lovely Kransekage you prepared for Joe‚Äôs and my wedding. My Danish family were so pleasantly surprised that we were able to source a kransekage in London and our British friends said it was ‚Äúthe best wedding cake they‚Äôve ever had‚ÄĚ. It was so popular that there wasn‚Äôt even any left for Joe and I to save for our first anniversary!”

 Dani & Joe

“Dear Birgit

Once again it has been a great success.¬† We had a wonderful summer party in pouring rain, but it was all great, and the kransekake just so wonderful both in looks and taste!¬† Thank you so much, we all love it when we have it.”

Love Engel

¬†“Dear Birgit

My wife said it was the best she has ever had and was a great surprise. Thanks

We will be ordering another later in the year to celebrate 20 years of marriage as we had Kransekage for our wedding cake”

Robert Heard

“Hi Birgit,

The Kransekake was a huge success and I passed on your details to a few friends.

Thank you so much!”

Claire Kramer Mackinnon


“Dear Birgit,

Kransekake arrived safely and has been a great success.

Many thanks for for your help yet again.

Vi √łnsker deg en riktig God Jul!”

          Captain Christopher Croft


“Kjaere Birgit

Takk for din mail, og kransekaken kom idag til stor glede for store og smaa.¬† Senere idag skal barnene “hjelpe” meg med aa sette paa flagg og smaa smellerter – alle gleder seg.

Tusen takk skal du ha, og ha alle dere en gledelig jul og et godt nytt aar. “

          Engel Mackinnon


“Hi Birgit,¬†Just a short note to say thanks again for our wonderful Kransekage. It goes without saying that it was absolutely delicious and people literally ran to grab a photo of us cutting (or rather dismantling) the rings when the time came for a photo. I’m attaching a couple of pictures which you’re welcome to use on your website.

It was such a memorable day and we’re enjoying married life enormously. It was lovely to meet you back in August and we both wish you and your family a very happy Christmas and prosperous New Year.”

Anna & Jason (Hill nee Zachariassen)


Kransekage wedding cake


¬†“Dear Birgit,

Many thanks for such a lovely Kransekage. ¬†It was a wonderful day and the cake proved so popular that I don’t think I got any!! ¬†Laura and Fai are now away in Mauritius.¬†Mange tak.”


Kransekage wedding cake Kransekage wedding cake


¬† ¬†“Thank you so much for our Kransekage wedding cake, everyone more than loved which sadly meant

No leftovers for us the next day!!!”

  Claire Reyner


“Hi Birgit,

            Just to let you know that a magnificent Kransekake arrived on cue this morning. 

            If only everyone packed their products with such care and attention. 

            Final assembly and decoration tomorrow, presumably best to keep cling film on until then.

            In the unlikely event of any fragments being left on Sunday, would freezing or an airtight

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† box be best for keeping?”



“Hello Birgit, just to say , we all enjoyed the Kransekage , huge success with the Brits, Thank you .”



“Hi Birgit!
Thank you very much. The Kransekake was a big success. I will keep your card for the future.”



“Kjaere Birgit,
Mange takk for din hyggelige hilsen.¬† Vi feiret selvfoelgelig juleaften igaar, og hoeydepunktet var din kransekake.¬† Min 5 aars gamle soennesoenn (for en bokstavering naar en ikke har de skandinaviske bokstavene!) har uttalt at den er til og med bedre enn sjokoladekake, og det er en stor ros.¬†Mange takk for alt bryderi, og ha forsatt en gledelig jul og et ekstra godt nytt aar.”

Juleklem Engel

“Birgit, thank you so much for the kransekage ¬†it ¬†was so lovely. It went down so well with both English and Danish guests at my daughters wedding.We also had an English wedding cake and the lady who made that was so impressed with yours. So thank you so much mange tak.”



Dear Birgit, Astrid’s wedding went very well.¬†I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the Kransekake: it was delicious and we have been fighting over the leftovers!¬†Tusen takk.”

           B. Davies


“Thank you.¬† The Kransekage biscuits are delicious.¬† I have frozen some for later!¬† Thank you for efficient and friendly service.”




¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Bare lige for at sige, at kransekagen til min s√łn’s bryllup igen var en kanon succes!¬†

            Det hele gik bare rigtig godt, selv vejret holdt! 

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Tak igen fordu du bragte Kransekagen ud til os.”



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